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We all know software development is time-consuming and sometimes even cost-prohibitive. CBSoft is different. We develop under-promise, over-deliver software solutions for small businesses, at affordable prices.

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Our team of software development experts are highly experienced in developing modern applications using the latest technologies. Our skilled developers work side by side with clients to develop your ideas into final products. From simple solutions to complete e-commerce portal to build-up your website, our skilled experts will create suitable solution for you to fulfill your business requirement.

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We begin by understanding your requirement from start to finish.

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We present the best options available to develop the software.

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We develop and keep you in constant loop for updates and testing as we work.

15+ Years in development

We are developing software for 15 years and we know what customers want. We work with customers, we get to know their business and understand their needs. With more than 200 projects at the moment, we have a unique experience in business solutions development. Just imagine how much can be done when a team of experts is working on your project!


Modern web application

Our company develops good looking web applications. Also we have a big experience in making web portals with a solid back-end and a modern graphic interface. We have already developed many projects for customers from various countries. Our experience and technical knowledge makes it easy for us to develop good looking and highly functional applications for various platforms like Android/IOS/Windows/OSX. We can help you build your first app and then maintain it and expand it as you grow.


Fast delivery on SAAS solutions

Software development involves a number of stages which can vary greatly. The first stage is the planning phase where a client and a developer will assess the client's requirements and come up with a proposal for how to develop the software. The proposal will include time scales, milestones and costings for the client to approve. Once the proposal has been reviewed and approved by the client the work can begin. We will create a static product or push releases as we work towards completion after which we will release it to the client so they can test it before committing to its use in their business. Our mission is to provide high quality work within restricted tight schedules.


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Cristi Boboc

Founder and CEO

Valentin Olaru

Sr. Software Engineer

Vlad Alexandru

Head of Research and Development

Users sharing their experience

I am very satisfied with the results that I have obtained from this company. The application was made according to the requirements that I have stated in order to get the best possible product out of it. I will definitely continue using this company for any future project that I may have.

Runar Heltne


Wow! I am so impressed by the quality of your work, I cant thank you enough for this project. The details are fantastic, the user interface is flawless and intuitive. You thought of everything! I can't wait to share it with my clients.

Bjørn Eide


The application is working and we are impressed with the results. The design team has been very helpful during the process and has gone out of their way to get us what we need on time.

Troy Harrison


It was such a pleasure working with you and your company. You were very professional and never doubted that we could achieve the desired results. Thank you for your time and efforts in delivering our wonderful product!

Emilian Dobre


I have been working with this company for over a month now and they have been very helpful in making changes to the application that I need. They are very professional and do a great job meeting deadlines. I highly recommend them if you need a web application.

Jacob Hoffman